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Pekin R/C Club Field Rules

  1. Upon request, each flyer must be able to display a valid AMA card.
  2. All flyers shall be in accordance with the official AMA saftey code.
  3. Frequency control shall be mandatory
  4. All 2 cycle engines over .15CI displacement shall be equipped with an effective muffler. No flow through mufflers will be allowed!
  5. Engine exhaust must be aimed away from spectators and pilots when starting.
  6. No flying permitted over the following areas:
  7. Spectators shall remain in designated areas.
  8. No vehicles or unattended pets will be allowed on the flying fields or the pit area.
  9. Aircrafts in distress, landing dead stick, and all students pilots have the right-of-way. Pilots in trouble or dead stick shall announce their situation to other pilots on the flight line.
  10. Each flyer is responsible for policing up their area and returning frequency control board holders to the lock-box before leaving the field. Last flyer to leave will lock the box.
  11. Aircraft flight path shall not exceed south of the flight line markers. Pilots are not to walk across the flight path except to retrieve aircrafts and will announce their situation to the other pilots.
  12. When 2 or more aircrafts are flying, pilots will follow clockwise or counter-clockwise flight patterns determined by the days prevailing wind direction.
  13. Deliberate close flying to other aircraft shall be done only upon prior agreement between pilots.
  14. No flying permitted before 9 a.m. (with the exception to electric powered or gliders with no glow motor)
  15. No alcoholic beverages or profane language allowed at the flying field.
  16. No flying permitted while mowers are in operation on the field.
  17. Pilots must keep glow fuel and gas off the ground when fueling.
  18. Only club recognized instructors will be allowed to teach other pilots.
  19. When more than 2 aircrafts are flying, it is recommended that pilots be accompanied by a spotter.

These rules are also posted at the field. Please make sure that you follow them so everyone can enjoy this sport/hobby. Look at the last person's plane that did not follow these simple rules. This is what happens when you don't follow the rules! No only kidding, but made you look anyway.

At a recent club meeting, the members voted on changing the rule (14) that states "no flying before 9 am", to "no flying for gas or glow motors before 9 am". You can fly electric's and gliders before 9 am. If you have questions on this rule change, please email the webmaster or go to the members section and email one of the officers.