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Here is the roster for the club! If you need anything changed on it, please let me know and I can change it for you! Pekin Roster!

2003 Officers

  • President--Charles Davis
  • Vice President--Denny Baker
  • Secretary/Treasurer--Jack Stanton
  • Editor--Jim Shupe
  • WebMaster--Scott Barger
  • Events--Hermon Lowery, Don Nichting & Gary Lenhardt
  • Safety--Wayne Hood & Kevin Cline
  • Public Relations--Jim Riley & Dave Tebben
  • Maint/Grounds--John Sombeck
  • Pop Cop--Sean Larson
  • Librarian--Dave Nelson

Members 2003 (65)

Club's Flight Instructors

The club has 3 AMA designated instructors:
  • Hermon Lowery
  • Dave Tebben
  • Denny Baker
These 3 are for individuals wanting to fly RC more than one(1) time, up to a month from their first flight, and until they get their AMA license. For those individuals with a current AMA license the following would be able to assist in flying at the field:
  • Hermon Lowery
  • Dave Tebben
  • Denny Baker
  • Kevin Cline
  • Jack Poppenhager
  • Justin Riley
  • John Sombeck
  • Rick Paulson
  • Art Tattersall
Mode 1 instructor:
  • Don Nichting
If you are interested in learning to fly heli's:
  • Rick Conkling

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